Skin Treatments

O - Cosmedics

It is our greatest pleasure to bring you O Cosmedics, Australia’s leading professional only. O is the successful collaboration of leading scientists around the globe and boutique, local cosmetic chemists. Australian owned and made, O is founded on decades of scientific research, clinical data and supporting papers based on functional active ingredients. It’s safe to say I left no room for error when creating O. O is PRECISION skincare that works on the threshold of medicine specifically to optimise normal skin function and cellular acitivity. O brings retired cells back to life, changing their behaviour and transforming skins.

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Dermapen 4

Speed, convenience, safety, drag and with less pain - meet the most technologically advanced cosmetic pen in history. 

In an era where technology has taken aesthetic treatments to a whole new level, after years of research Stene Marshall’s advanced engineering has forged a technically advanced breakthrough. Thanks to the automatic calibration of the needle to the pen, you can now adjust depths in 100 micron (instead of 500) increments up to 3mm, opening up three additional profit centres including pain free 1. Hair Restoration 2. Eye Treatements and 3. Scar Treatments.

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Claiderm Skin Trio

Clairderm Skin Trio Microdermabrasion, the professional’s choice, is the first microdermabrasion system to offer all three modalities - crystal, diamond and hydrabrasion in one machine. This gives the clinician complete flexibility and the ability to customise treatments to suit the client.

  • Non-surgical skin perfecting & hydrating treatment for skin resurfacing & rejuvenation

  • Hygienic, comfortable, quick & simple procedure with AMAZING results!

  • Proudly Australian Made